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    Our Process

    The mission of LBM Construction Company is to compose the owner’s visions into reality and add value to the client's expectations. To accomplish this, we have created and structured a process-oriented, methodical company that gathers and assimilates material and intellectual resources resulting in cost-effective services for our clients.

    We begin our methodology by approaching your project with a special emphasis on team building and collaboration. We understand from our many years of experience as a General Contractor and Construction Manager, it has been shown to us that effective communication and understanding of the other parties' values and attributes provides a sound foundation in creating a unique working relationship, and the formation of a platform for all who participate to excel in their area of expertise.

    Time to Begin
    After this groundwork is laid, we will involve you in every aspect of the design and construction process. You will be kept up to date on:

    • Design & Layout Revisions

    • Costs, Pricing & Scheduling

    • Ordering Materials & Delivery

    • Weekly Progress Reports

    • Move In Planning

    • Warranty & Maintenance Programs

    No Surprises
    We work diligently to avoid any "surprises" to you. How do we do this? Through continual communication and effective management of the process from day one. We are at the job site everyday monitoring the activity so that:

    • Quality is guaranteed

    • Schedule is adhered to

    • Costs are controlled

    • Safety is a priority

    LBM is proud of our "Project Approach" and will continue to deliver its benefits to you.

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